Raising CHICKENS is lots of fun and there’s the added benefit of FRESH, ORGANIC EGGS!!!

Chickens are GREAT PETS. They each have their own distinctive personality and are easy to feed and maintain!

Whether it’s an educational endeavor for your children or just a simple desire to have your own fresh eggs, GREEN ROOF CHICKEN COOPS provide a great home for your chickens!

Hanging Green Roof Chicken Coop Sign
Front View of Green Roof Chicken Coop
Herb Garden Chicken Coop


Herb Garden Chicken Coop

I bet you never thought chickens could become your NEW PETS! Take a look at these kids enjoying the chickens... BIG SMILES!

It’s common knowledge that chicken waste is great fertilizer. We decided to make a coop that puts that feature to good use! The floor of our chicken coop is mulch which makes the chicken waste EASY TO CLEAN on a monthly basis. Simply wash down with a garden hose and rake the mulch! Over time, the ground beneath the coop will become VERY FERTILE from the chicken waste and the decomposing mulch.

You can utilize the soil you produce in the top of your GREEN ROOF CHICKEN COOP to grow flowers, herbs and produce! We love the RECYCLING aspect of this chicken coop.

The GREEN ROOF CHICKEN COOP is SAFE and SECURE. We wanted a chicken coop that provides adequate safety and security for the chickens. Hens that feel safe and secure PRODUCE MORE EGGS. All of our coops elevate the hen house and the nest above the ground. If you’re in an area susceptible to natural predators, we recommend covering the entire ground opening with chicken wire (which is easy to do). Of course, the GREEN ROOF is an obvious added benefit. It provides NATURAL INSULATION from the heat and the cold and gives you a place to grow your favorite herbs, flowers or produce. We’ve made it simple for you to build your own GREEN ROOF CHICKEN COOP!


Both the Green Roof Chicken Coop and the Herb Garden Coop are EASY TO CLEAN!

The floor of the hen house is chicken wire so droppings can fall through and the entire coop floor is mulch.

The mulch is easy to till with a rake so that the droppings move to the bottom of the mulch, which COVERS ANY ODOR NATURALLY.

As the mulch decomposes into the soil, simply add more! Bottom line... YOU ONLY NEED CLEAN ONCE OR TWICE A YEAR!

Access your FRESH EGGS by opening the access door on your Green Roof Chicken coop or by easily lifting off the roof of the Herb Garden Coop nest box.

Both coop use square wire mesh to PROTECT your hens, and both offer an enclosed CHICKEN RUN so that you can give your birds plenty of exercise!

Green Roof Chicken Coop Access Panels

Herb Garden Chicken Coop Sketch


We started out selling our plans to neighbors, they convinced us to start our website... and, the rest is history!

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